Importance of Banking Education 

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 rooted in the banking sector has vividly

demonstrated the importance of continuous investment in the training and education of

the banking community throughout the regions of the world.

Banking education is vital in ensuring effectiveness, professionalism and upgrading of

skills, which all add to the advancement of the industry in general. Because banking is

probably one of the most dominant phenomena in recent economic memory, and a

critical service in today's world, it is important that those who provide such service are

well trained and equipped with the latest skills to do so.

Changes in the banking environment make it necessary for banking staff to equip

themselves with banking skills and knowledge in the financial sector. The IoB

qualifications are intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes

and values required to operate responsibly in the banking and financial services sector.

ABN as a leading banking education provider in the country is well positioned and

equipped to provide the best education for those in the industry or planning to pursue

careers in this sector. As a certified provider of banking education, IoB has embarked on

a journey to impact positively on the banking industry. ABN and Namibian Banks, bring

together invaluable expertise and resources to provide any of their banking students

with the best education, positioning them as potential leaders in the industry.

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